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Gool-Bama-Cash is for your wellbeing
Dear Sir,
With the upgraded Economy 4G3W, folks are enabled for datevaluation in cash-over-cash production at the Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor linking money-at-money and creating their Personalized-Webliving-Savings.In these near futur when "bid heads" accept that "datevaluation is the solution for the ending Classic Economy, folks are "tagvaporating" theirs orders about the fixed uses for their parcels of capital in "owndated webquantums" runnin the Web.
It means that my opinion we have to shif assets from "debit/credit" into "property web registered asset". And "capital pumps" flux have to be :
That's the "Gool-Bama-Cash" financial recipe. Because Economy 4G3W is for universocial wellbeing.
Thank you

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